An Insight Into Accurist Watches

The roots of Accurist watches can be traced back to 1946 when a couple decided to make a watch of their own and manufacture it under their brand name. The competition during that time was intense and many manufacturers have already established themselves by 1852. Therefore, the chances of success were slim and yet these couple decided to try their luck with the watches that were manufactured using Swiss components. Most of the watches that were manufactured during that era have this habit of falling back in time, but the watches made from Swiss components lacked this feature and so the couple decided to use Swiss components in their watches too.

They also did good market research and came to the conclusion to set the price of their products to something lesser than the other competitors. Thus the first of the Accurist watches were born. One of the innovations that have been especially attributed to them is the discovery and widespread use of the 21 jewels in the watches. Though it was received with much skepticism during the initial days, the other manufacturers are followed suit and within some years, many others too started implementing this technology in their watches.

During those times, itself the Accurist watches had started showing their durability and agility. People who had opted for their products soon can to find that Accurist watches lasts much longer than the competing products and the news spread like wild fire. This had immensely boosted the sale of the watch and this was again further boosted with the help of weekly advertisements on the TV and the radio. With the pass of time, more sophisticated models from Accurist watches were released and they were seen on the hands of many reputed celebrities and movie stars in the UK and all over the world.

The success of the firm can be largely touted to them starting a new office in the Switzerland, the land of watches. Now they can keep up with the competition by dissecting the watches which were launched in the Swiss market. True to this promise, Accurist watches were now masterpieces and within a short time, the watches gained popularity both in the UK as well as all over the world. By the 1970s, digital watches were the talk of the day and Accurist watches decided to try their fortune in that field too and ultimately succeeded.

Many of their digital quartz watches that were released from the stables of Accurist watches were met with much applause. The company shifted its operation from Switerzland to Japan, as Japan was the buzzing market of the quartz era. Many quartz models which were released in Japan was finding worldwide acceptance Accurist watches decided to try their luck by learning the intricate concepts of quartz watches. The watch company has got quite lots of history associated with it such as being the British?s talking clock and maintenance of the Greenwich mean time.