Sony Dcr Hc 38e Camcorder

Sony DCR HC38E camcorder comes with powerful zoom lenses. It has the optical zoom of 40 x and digital zoom of 80/2000 x. It sports Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar Lens with the filter diameter of 30 mm. Optical zoom is a feature that alters a camcorders focal length, filling more of the frame within the subject. An optical zoom lens actually moves in and out of the camcorder. Unlike a digital zoom, an optical zoom will not reduce the resolution of your video; moreover it helps you to concentrate on the subject of the video to be shot. This camcorder also brings a faraway object nearer and hence is useful in shooting videos of flora and fauna or anything that is moving. Whereas a digital zoom is software inside the camcorder that enlarges subject in the video to be shot. Digital zoom enlarges the subject of the video to be shot, while reducing the resolution of the video.

Sony DCR HC38E: Inside Out
Sony DCR HC38E camcorder has 2.5″ screen which is a wide 4:3 LCD Screen with Touch Panel. It has various features like: video playback controls, Program AE, effects mode, search and title entry by a simple touch on the generously sized LCD screen. The touch panel is treated in such a manner that it gets protected against dirt and fingerprints.

For those who have a shaky hand, Sony DCR-HC38E camcorder comes with the option of Super SteadyShot System. With this you can get rid of those unwanted blurs which at times hamper clearly enjoying the video.

One of the unique features of Sony DCR HC38E camcorder is the presence of Super NightShot. With this feature you get a built-in infrared system that allows you to capture video in monochrome recording from up to 10 feet away even in total darkness. It also helps in increasing the brightness, contrast and quality of the picture with its Slow Shutter speeds.

Another feature that will impress you is the option of video talk. With this feature you can talk live to you callers and even playback any video to them. Another interesting feature is the Video Streaming mode. With this you can do live recording on your PC, you won’t need to use the i-LINK terminal.

For those who have a knack for photography, this Sony DCR HC38E camcorder is the best buy.

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